We work with the most visionary companies to create defining solutions for their most essential challenges

We are a Danish agile design agency 
specialising in Design Sprints

Product development | UX
Client: LEO Innovation Lab / LEO Pharma

We took Leo Innovation Lab from challenge to validated prototype in an 8 day Design Sprint.

Product development
Client: OASE Outdoors

Though a 7 day Design Sprint we helped OASE Outdoors overcome their long struggle on how to make an all-in-one 2-way valve.

What we do

Through our Sprints, we design and validate solutions to challenges of strategic importance.

It is a similar process to that of Google, Uber, slack, and more uses to design, prototype and validates their highly successful products.

In those few days of intense work, we will create more and get further than you are used to experiencing in months.

Opportunities become reality and solutions for challenges are created. The solutions are turned into user verified prototypes.

Prototypes get refined. We look holistically at what is needed to bring the product to market, and then we take the product to market.

We transform the product or the knowledge and skills in organisations into new products and opportunities for the future.

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Market strategy | Webpage

Making complex data engaging and meaningful at a glance

Client: Joint Action Analytics A/S

Together with Joint Action Analytics we went from opportunity to validated protopype and to a final product on the market.

Case comming soon

Product development | Visuals | Logistics |
Packaging | Webpage
Client: ideide

We took ideide from prototype to a full functional product on the market today.

Product development | Visuals | Logistics |
Packaging | Webpage

We helped La Cabra Coffee go alle the way, from small coffee bar to the industry leading roastery and knowlege house they are today.

Selected partners

Designing the worlds first two-way single valve system for air matresses.

See case

From small coffee bar to indutry leader.

See case

Helping E+N understanding the pains and gains of their costumers.

Developing a digital learning platform for grassroots leaders across the world.

See case

Improving life for people living with skin conditions through mobile solutions.

See case

Designing and developing a tool for expats to close the cultural gaps.

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Co-facilitating a Hackathon for The Danish Road Directorade.

Running workshops on leadership and creativity.

External communication for one of the leading design agencies of Tokyo.

If you want a project-based design team to help create experiences that move people, mail us.

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