Case: Digital applications

Location: Chicago, USA

Designing a tablet-based distance learning course for grassroots leaders around the world.

Grassroots leaders are facing many challenges in their daily interactions with their communities. By designing Gather, a new kind of education platform with a curriculum specifically tailored to their situation, we have given them a new way of interacting with and engage their local resources to build a better future.

Communities all over the world share similar aspirations and critical challenges in developing a just, peaceful and sustainable future. 

By linking and supporting local leaders and grassroots efforts from around the world, this platform provides opportunities to build innovative multi-­sector relationships and solutions adapted to particular local contexts.

Travis Rejman, Executive Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anorak on developing a Grassroots Leadership Education Platform. In their role facilitating and designing this platform, Anorak demonstrated original thinking, clear and compelling presentation skills, expert facilitation and the ability to create a coherent path forward while taking in a great deal of input from a wide range of stakeholders. If you need a team that can help facilitate a creative and productive process that leads to real results, I highly recommend the team at Anorak Denmark”.

The Goldin Institute is a Chicago based NGO helping communities all over the world achieve their goals through a combination of online and on the ground initiatives focused on addressing poverty alleviation, gender empowerment, and environmental sustainability.

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