Anorak is an agile design agency. We design solutions for our partner’s biggest challenges. The solution can be a product, a service, an experience or everything in-between and beyond.

“I have never before witnessed a more on point solution that meets my business’ and our clients needs than the one Anorak designed for Joint Action Analytics. And I have been through my fair share of development processes!”

– Carsten Hornstrup, Joint Action


We design to improve lives.
Making new products and services come to life.

Designing digital educational platforms in Third World countries, setting new standards for valve systems in air mattresses and building online culture platforms for Wall Street firms. We are agile and we solve the biggest challenges with the best solutions.

We work in partnership with our clients to develop solutions which keep people at the heart of the product. We help businesses across industries to invent, prototype and build new solutions to meet their opportunities and challenges.

All our work is done by bridging our partner’s expertise with the needs of their customers and the knowledge of our experts – the people we call Anoraks. Applying this approach means that 85% of our solutions are in development for production after our One-Week Sprint.

Our agile design approach dictates a shorter product to launch strategy. We help our partners design and test new solutions with focused efficiency. This not only results in better products but saves time from the development phase and moves our clients faster forward.

Our agile Sprint Process


The project.
A big idea or a big obstacle.

Expert Sprint Team

We establish a team of Anoraks based on your needs and the character of your project.

One-Week Sprint – the process

We immerse ourselves in the problem, conduct market and user research. We develop concepts, build prototypes and test it with the end user.


Synthesis and implementation of key findings.


We handover a final solution and develop the implementation plan.

We hand-pick experts for each case

Everything we design is verified by anoraks we hand pick for each specific project.

Helene Dudley
Database Geek

Alexandra Thielke
Strategic Account Executive

Viktor Sloth
Video production

Niels Sylvester
Industrial Designer

Bliss Browne
Community engagement expert

Christian Forman
Experience design

Robert Fortunato
Leadership and Strategy

Simon Heide
Mechanical Engineer, Ph.d.

Morten le Dous
User insights

Bjarke Thomsen

Anders Donskov
Sprint facilitator

Rasmus Veggerby
Art Director

Aya Omoto

Nanna Juelsbo

The Anoraks

Our network of Anoraks range from coffee geeks to Internet pioneers and industrial designers. An Anorak is a frontier when it comes to acquiring new knowledge by constantly pushing the boundaries and improving the existing. We work to activate the best Anoraks across industries to design new solutions.


In British slang an anorak /’anǝrak/ is a person who has a very strong interest, perhaps obsessive, in niche subjects. This interest may be unacknowledged or not understood by the general public.

ORIGIN 1920s: from Greenland Eskimo anoraq. The British English informal sense dates from the 1980s and derives from the anoraks worn by trainspotters regarded as typifying this kind of person.

Our Mission

Design the best solution. Do it with people and for people. Inspire and shape a sustainable future.

Anorak was founded in Aarhus, Denmark with the purpose of helping businesses create better and more sustainable products. Products that serves a purpose and creates value for those in contact with them. The desire to design meaningful and beautiful solutions and to be part of a more sustainable tomorrow is what drives us today.

Anorak now work as an innovation consultancy executing our Design Sprint all over the world.

If you want a project-based design team to help create experiences that move people, mail us.

…or phone us at +45 30 24 30 60