Building a digital solution for people living with chronic skin conditions

Client: LEO Innovation Lab / LEO Pharma
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Product: App

Finding the opportunities within a marked of conforms and constraints

LEO Pharma is on a mission to help people living with skin conditions all around the world.

Anorak built a digital solution for Leo Innovation Lab during a One-Week Sprint verifying assumptions and creating a concept built on the needs of people with skin conditions.

We cannot show you the solution but we would like to invite you into the process.

Final day: Christian presenting insights and the final solution to the LEO Pharma team.

Final day, presentation to the whole team, Christian is showing the lates prototype.

Final day, presentation to the whole team, Christian is presenting insights and the final solution.

Why Sprint?

Long-term projects often require a good deal of both time and money. We sprint to obtain and verify fresh insights and to prototype ideas fast before embarking on journeys of both short-term and long-term projects.

It takes seven days

With our One-Week Sprint we aim to cut out months of testing and designing and instead test assumptions fast and built desirable products even faster.

Day 1. Gathering insights: We strive to keep close connections with leading experts from the beginning. The team is therefor interviewing Ph.D.’s and doctors at the Department of Public Health.

Day 2. Research and customer interviews: At the end of this day we gather all our research and share new insights and inspiration.

Day 3-4. Ideation: We come up with several solutions to the need we see. The best ideas will be prototypes to test on Day 5.

Day 5: We test, we learn and then we create better products

Things are not as we expect them to be. That is why we seek feedback to identify critical flaws early in the process. This saves both time and money but more importantly it enables possible obstacles to be fixed.

What you see is one of the early prototypes on how to guide people with skin conditions to the right treatment. In this case we found that users could not relate to some of the icons that prevented them from using the App.

Day 6. Improving the prototype:  We go through the feedback from our tests and improve the product for the second round of testing with the user.

Day 7: Test and presentation

The final round of testing enables us to hand over a solution built on the needs of the users, and on the insights of experts and our research.

Sprints give strategic direction and proof of concept; a perfect starting point forto your new product, experience or service.

Final note: A good idea is someting you work to get, but in the end real innovation solves the problem

No matter if you are a startup or a large organisation, good ideas can be hard to come by and even the best ideas face an uncertain path towards being both sustainable and successful.

Real innovation is about solving the right problem by turning your ideas into solutions. The most effective way to do this is through our Sprints. During a Sprint ideas have to stand up to the demands of real people and through this we learn whether they can solve the core problem at hand.
If a prototype meets the need and desire then we have built a foundation for your new innovation.