Case: Online platforms

Location: New York, USA

Bridging cultures around
the world.

The World Trade Resources was looking for a product that would enable the business person and expat to effectively do business all over the world. We designed GoWorldWise – an online platform providing data on over 240 countries and thousands of cities – right when you need it.

The World Trade Resource provides live data to Corporate Development and Human Resources to help them make critical business decisions. WTR was founded by Fortune 100 global executives who needed to conduct business on a global scale in a faster, more productive and cost effective way.

A Sprint Collaboration

Anorak executed 3 consecutive sprints to completely redesign the existing product. We started by assembling the team we needed to complete the project, and after an extensive research phase we were able to identify the key components needed to create the next generation global readiness tool. With this foundation we meet up in New York over a 1 week sprint, to shape what would end up being WorldWise.

Today the product is constantly being tested and improved to continue to help multinational corporations and their employees successfully conduct business across cultures.

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